Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Article on The Exporter Magazine- E-Business: Myth or Reality”

“How important is social media in today’s business?” 

Well considering Google gets over 2.5 billion searches a day, that there are 150,000,000 professionals and 2 Million companies on LinkedIn, plus over 600,000 companies registered on and over 800,000,000 users on Facebook. These are serious figures that must be taken into account when planning your business plan and marketing strategy.

The statistics from the Nielsen online market report tells it all.


“Time Spent” on These Sites Growing Three Times Faster than Overall Internet Rate, Now Accounting for Almost 10 Percent of all Internet Time.

“Social networking isn’t just growing rapidly, it’s evolving - both in terms of a broader audience and compelling new functionality,” says Alex Burmaster, author of the study and Communications Director across EMEA for Nielsen Online.

Barrack Obama used Facebook to get Elected, Dell, Smirnoff and over major brands are using it to create “Demand” and “Brand Awareness”.

Business leaders and Companies have today all the tools to create and implement a strategy to reach their niche market. Online budgets are set to exceed offline budgets this 2012. Companies have realised that consumers are now reachable via Mobile, Internet Tv and Social Networks. They can’t ignore this “Growing Trend” and must “Re-form” their marketing strategy.  

It is not simply about creating a Facebook, Twitter Page or A YouTube Channel. You need to answer a simple question?

What is the end goal, why are you using social networks for?

Is it to reach more clients?

Or are you offering a new “Customer Service” via Social Media?

These are real case studies you can find online:

1-     Dell opened Dell Outlet on Twitter to service their clients and made a $4Million T/O in 2010.

2-     Starbucks take orders via Twitter (FREE)

3-     AT&T has the best customer service rating using Facebook Pages. They employ 20 staffs to service 1Million Facebook Fans (Most of which are CLIENTS or PROSPECTS).

Today you can advertise on all these search engines and networking sites.

Google AdWords, Facebook & LinkedIn advertising, or simply registering and offering a discount to your Mayor on Foursquare.

All these tools are available for your business and brand to grow. You need to use them or have a professional company helping you set up an online marketing strategy.

I hate to see major companies opening Facebook Pages and others accounts and not replying to online queries. This is just like not answering the phone or not replying to an email you just received about your product and services.

So “YES” is it very important to include Social Media in your Marketing plan and use it for your business growth. Shall you need more information about Social Media Management, Marketing, Optimization; Page Administrator can help, simply visit us at and “Like Us” at

Serge Sebastien STAUB
Director STAUB Marketing Pty Ltd

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interview in Business Magazine

Mauritius most trusted Business Magazine celebrated its 20Th Anniversary this month with a special edition which was dedicated to its success from the last 20years. We attended the 20th Anniversary Cocktail Party last Thursday 19th April 2012, where a warm crowd of connected Mauritians CEO's and Entrepreneurs listened to Mr Lindsay Riviere deliver a big "Thank You" to the team, the people and enterprises that made it a success. Business leaders and young entrepreneurs were given a special portrait and interview on their respective field of expertise. Staub Marketing Pty Ltd (Director) Serge Sebastien Staub was honoured to be interviewed for this special edition of The 20Th Anniversary of Business Magazine. We were selected to speak about the revolution of Marketing 3.0, below a quick note about our belief together with our local web designer Mr. Mike Muraz of -
Staub Marketing Pty Ltd partnered with Mataora Ltd earlier this 2012 to bring the latest in web, marketing and social media by combining our services.  

Staub Marketing Pty Ltd | Page Administrator - 
Mataora Ltd | 
Here is a preview of the article, where we raise the awareness about the rapid progression from offline to online marketing, the importance for companies to have an integrated marketing strategy and a tactical campaign to communicate to their online clients and gain competitive advantage.

Companies today cannot afford NOT TO have:

1- A website that works
2- A Top 10 Google Rankings with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their products and services
3- An interactive Social Media Marketing 
4- Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns 

The combination of all of these elements are vital for the survival of any business in today competitive world.
Communicating with your consumers (fans) via these channels is crucial. Creativity and innovation are most anticipated from consumers in order for them to stay loyal to the brand. 

Today content is "King" and comment is "Queen". 

Those radical changes from paper advertising to digital advertising, from peer recommendations and online reviews are now in consumers and brands mind everyday.

Companies today are fighting for the Google Top 10 results for their products and services. 

The reason why we have teamed up with Mataora is for their Top 10 results for:

"Agence Pub Ile Maurice"
"Agence Web Ile Maurice"
"Referrencement Ile maurice"
"Smo ile Maurice"
"Creation de brochure"

From mobile sms advertising to social media ad platforms, we live in a connected world  where we have to digest the amount of messages from advertisers. 

Social Media Entrepreneurs are making such communication so accessible for all (brands & consumers). 

Today you have a choice:

1- Stay connected and gain their loyalty and business
2- Ignore the marketing revolution and loose those precious leads and sales

Staub Marketing Pty Ltd | and its local web designer partner are now offering such marketing services to local SME's and international clients.

Please view our companies presentations:

Our clients: VLH, Peugoet, Nikon, Le Sagil, Casino Group and more...

Contact us today to get your business online: or

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Monday, April 9, 2012

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Social Media in Business

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Page Administrator (PA) is an online based company specializing in Social Media Management.

PA are experts with all the Social Media Platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

We offer a safe and efficient outsource solution by maximising your Social Media opportunity with a well-formulated strategy and a clearly defined plan for building your brand via these channels.
Drop us a line to secure your Social Media PA.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal vs Professional Social Platforms - Which one to use?

Today with so many Social Platforms available + 300 on the internet it is hard to keep up with what to choose.

These are two Social Platform which offers a great solution to get online fast and link all your personal Facebook Profile, Blogs and Twitter Accounts.

If you looking for a Personal Social Platform  to share what you do, work & hobbies.
check out FLAVORS.ME

If you looking for a more Professional look and feel, then use Gist. IT offers options such as its business interface and online portfolio solution.